Laura Marano

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Laura Marano teams with Acne Free to promote skin positivity

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Laura Marano & Acne Free

Laura Marano has spent much of her life in the spotlight. She began acting at the age of five - starring in her first TV show at 8 years old. She is most known for her Disney hit comedy Austin and Ally. However, she has also been in popular films such as Lady Bird and has recently launched her singing career. With over 8M fans on Instagram, she has a great platform to spread her message of skin positivity to reduce a lot of the negativity often associated with acne. Discover more about our fabulous spokeswoman and partner, Laura Marano in her interview by the Acne Free team.

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Who is Laura Marano?
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Most people know me from Austin and Ally on the Disney channel. I also have three upcoming films, The Perfect Date, a romantic comedy with Noah Centineo on Netflix, The War with Grandpa, starting Robert De Niro and Uma Thurman and Saving Zoe, a teen thriller I co-produced with my sister, Vanessa Marano and my mom releasing summer of 2019. Both TV and film have allowed me to connect with so many young people, and it has given me a great platform to launch my biggest passion –music!

So tell us more about your music?

After working with Warner Brothers and Big Machine Record labels, I made a huge decision last year. I decided to go independent and launch my own music label, Flip Phone Records. I really wanted to make sure that my music got released, so I decided to take a huge leap of faith. So far, I have released two songs, two videos, and I am about to release a third! I really feel great about the direction that I am heading in as an artist.

How did you end up partnering with Acne Free?

They approached me, and I was immediately excited! I really share their desire to focus on skin positivity, to help destigmatize acne and to help educate young people, especially teens on how to care for their skin. My mom instilled great skincare habits in me from a young age and I continue to learn how to treat and care for my skin better. I am happy to pass those messages on to my fans. I know how stressful and disheartening it is to receive negative comments on your skin in the world of Instagram perfection. By sharing my skin experiences, I can offer support to others.

Do you really use the products?

Absolutely. I was actually having a very big “skin moment” ie. breakouts on my chin and upper lip, when I first partnered with Acne Free. I immediately used their products and literally, my skin cleared up within a few days. The 24H Acne kit was great. It just makes it easy to follow a routine if you are unsure of what to do, and the Oilfree Acne Cleanser and Witch Hazel Toner are my absolute favorites! After months of using the products, my skin looks amazing. They also just launched a Kaolin Clay Mask, which I really love. You can use it as a face wash or a mask. I actually used the mask as a face wash to prep for the American Music Academy awards show last year and my face looked fantastic!

Can you tell us more about your acne?

Sure, I usually get acne on my chin and blackheads on my nose. I can break out about once a month. I have definitely gone to a dermatologist before and used prescription medications. I can honestly say that after using the Acne Free products, my skin has never looked better. Their products are great at preventing breakouts!

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