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Embrace Your Face: A Mission To Destigmatize Acne

AcneFree wants to promote self-love of one’s skin so that teenagers approach their skincare regimen positively and holistically – treating their outbreaks while caring for their skin to maintain its health. This is why we work with Laura Marano, she understands firsthand the emotional impact of acne, having suffered with it since adolescence.

Laura plays an integral role in the brand’s efforts to reach Gen Z and millennials, encouraging them to ‘embrace their face’ – pimples and all.. “I’m not perfect when it comes to caring for my skin. I’ve worked out and fallen asleep in my makeup, and I’ve paid the price for it with blemishes,” says Laura. “I now know the importance of a daily routine to maintain a clearer complexion while also caring for it. I’m excited to be on this mission with AcneFree to normalize acne because almost all of us get it, so let’s make sure we’re all well versed on how to treat it.”

AcneFree makes finding the right treatments even more accessible. The treat and care philosophy is pivotal. "The most important factor in dealing with acne is to care for the health of the skin, in addition to treating the acne itself,” says New York City Dermatologist Joshua Zeichner MD. “Each patient is different, so the regimen must be personalized to their individual needs."