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No one knows clear skin like an acne expert… From skincare advice and lifestyle hacks, check out the latest dermatologist acne tips for stopping breakouts once and for all so you can enjoy clear skin and a clear mind!

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Professional-strength acne treatments and procedures for clear skin

When over-the-counter acne treatment products need extra help, these are the prescription medications and in-office procedures that dermatologists recommend most for clear skin.

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Different Ways to Exfoliate Your Skin and Minimize Acne

There are several key parts of any effective anti-acne skincare routine, including proven, dermatologist-recommended ingredients and the proper products. The right combination of both is important for achieving clear skin—and exfoliation is an essential step that cannot be overlooked.

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These are the ingredients you need to fight acne and get clear skin

There are a handful of proven, effective ingredients dermatologists recommend time and time again to treat acne. Learn which ones to look out for, and how to work them into your anti-acne skincare routine so you can achieve clear skin.

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The Connection Between Acne and the Skin’s Acid Mantle

Acne begins well before a breakout appears, and a variety of factors contribute to pimples—including bacteria, excess oil, clogged pores and the skin’s acid mantle.