AcneFree Advanced Cleansing Brush Replacement Brush Heads

Works with any AcneFree Cleansing Brush

Gentle, soft bristles exfoliate and deep clean to remove pore-clogging dirt, oil and makeup. Pack includes two ultra-soft bristle brush heads. AcneFree Advanced Cleansing Brush and AcneFree Advanced Cleansing Duo Brush sold separately.

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The AcneFree Difference

  • Clinically Proven Treatment System

    Results from AcneFree Advanced Cleaning Brush + AcneFree Oil Free Cleanser

    Recent clinical trials found that the leading facial cleanser only removed 35% of the foundation used to mimic dirt, oil and makeup. The AcneFree Advanced Cleansing Duo removed 96% of the dirt and oil, leaving skin 15X cleaner than the leading facial cleanser alone*!

    *Thomas J. Stephens & Associates, Inc. | Stephens Study Number: C13-C084; a Split-Face Clinical Trial to Compare the Cleansing Performance of the AcneFree Advanced Deep Cleansing Duo to a Leading Facial Cleanser.

How to Use

Installing the brush head: Press the brush head onto unit until it locks into position with a click.

Dampen skin, rinse brush head and pat dry to remove excess water before attaching to brush unit. Apply any AcneFree cleanser to brush head, spreading a dime-size amount evenly over brush surface; this will avoid product from splattering onto clothing while brush is in motion. (Cleansers with Benzoyl Peroxide may bleach clothing/towels.) Gently massage over face for approximately 60 seconds, concentrating on troubled areas. Avoid the eye and mouth area. Be careful not to press too hard; this will limit the motion of the brush and reduce its effectiveness. Rinse face, remove brush head, and rinse thoroughly. Recommended: For sensitive skin, use 2-3 times a week on low speed. If any slight redness occurs after use, it should fade within half an hour.

To keep your Advanced Cleansing Brush in good condition, do not use abrasive cleansers or chemicals to clean any part of the brush. Do not put any part of the Advanced Cleansing Brush unit in a dishwasher. Be sure to not completely submerge the Advanced Cleansing Brush unit in water.

For best results:  After use, remove the brush head from handle and rinse with warm soapy water to remove any residue.

Product Details


A two-speed rotating brush head gently exfoliates and deep cleans skin by removing dirt, oil and makeup trapped in pores.  The ultra-soft bristles of the brush target hard-to-reach places to remove impurities and minimize the appearance of pores.

Warnings:  Avoid direct contact with eyes and hairline/hair.  If skin irritation or redness occurs, reduce frequency of use.  As this product increases exfoliation of the skin, it may also increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun.  Avoid unnecessary sun exposure and use a sunscreen. Keep out of reach of children.


Pack contains two ultra-soft bristle brush heads for use with the Advanced Cleansing Brush and Advanced Cleansing Duo Brush. Brushes sold separately.

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